BASIC SERVICE is just $100.00/ Month*

  • We scan most major US Federal Government sites which list RFQ’s
  • We match the content of those RFQ’s to your registered keywords using computer-assistance
  • We review matches to check they make sense
  • Details of matched RFQ’s are emailed to you as and when they occur.
  • Occasionally RFQ’s are issued where the end date is only a few days after the issue date. we may not always be able to match these in time. However, experience shows that other bidders will often request and obtain an extension in such cases.
  • Coming soon:

    • We intend to add relevant State Government listings in the near future
    • We intend to add some foreign government RFQ listings commencing with the UK later this year.


  • ADVANCED SERVICE is negotiable, depending on exact services required. Please contact us for a preliminary, no-cost discussion.

Basic service is payable by direct debit through our Payment Processor, Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to use this. You can use any credit or debit card (not a charge card). We have no access to your card details at any time.

*Payment may be made as follows:

Continuous One Year subscription


BEST VALUE. Continuous subscription to the service, paid yearly until/unless cancelled. You will get a reminder after 11 months but you need do nothing - payment will automatically be taken on or close to the anniversary date.

Continuous Monthly subscription


Continuous subscription to the service, paid monthly until/unless cancelled. Please note that the contract is for a minimum of three months.


Last updated:
26 Jun, 2016